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Financial Caregiving: Gains in longevity have increased the likelihood and length of time someone might need to care for a family member or require care themselves.

Yet the cost of caregiving has not been a focus in traditional financial planning.

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The inflation experienced in 2022 impacted many Americans' financial well-being. The 2023 TIAA Institute-GFLEC Personal Finance Index describes the implications.

Title IX: 50 years of progress, but gaps remain

To mark the 50th the anniversary of Title IX, we are releasing new reports and research briefs on gender equality progress and gaps still to close.

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Original research produced by the TIAA Institute—both independently and in collaboration with noted scholars—examines topics of interest to the academic, nonprofit and public sectors. The reports combine statistical findings with thoughtful, data-driven observations and conclusions to provide in-depth analyses appropriate for both technical and general audiences.

November 2023

The impact of health savings accounts on retirement income adequacy for future retirees

U.S. households are facing a $3.66 trillion aggregate retirement savings shortfall. How do health savings accounts (HSAs) affect retirement income adequacy?

October 2023

Can state policies reduce racial disparities in the time-to-degree? Examining the interconnected role of statewide articulation agreements with dual enrollment 

Many students take considerably longer than four years to complete a bachelor’s degree, incurring additional costs and delaying their entry into the workforce.

September 2023
Inequities in the golden years: How wealth shapes healthy and work-free life

For the most versus least wealthy individuals, how different is disability-free life expectancy at age 65 and how have those differences changed over time?

September 2023

Registered index-linked annuities in qualified retirement plans

Are registered index-linked annuities a more suitable choice than target-date funds as default retirement plan investments?