Financial literacy and retirement fluency

New insights for improving financial well-being

The 2024 TIAA Institute-GFLEC Personal Finance Index

From longevity literacy to longevity fitness

Our society is transforming, and fast. The biggest challenge—and the biggest opportunity—will be helping people improve not just the length of their lives, but also the extent of their health and wealth.

Most people share similar plans for retirement, but readiness varies widely by race and ethnicity

A new report from the TIAA Institute and Ipsos examines Americans’ financial preparedness across demographic groups.

Toward an employee value proposition (EVP) in the healthcare sector

Healthcare faces a difficult recruiting and retention environment. Consistent with current turnover experience, 21% of full-time hospital and healthcare system employees are at risk of turnover within the next two years.

TIAA Institute Reports

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June 2024

Retirement Readiness in the Healthcare Sector

Retirement income security depends upon a series of financial decisions and actions over time. How do healthcare employees tackle this challenge?

June 2024

Racial disparities in overdue debt among older adults

An increasing share of older Americans carry debt into retirement, underscoring the need to support older adults in managing their debt effectively.

April 2024

Do additional dollars buy engagement? Effects of monetary incentives on attending financial aid counseling for at-risk students

Many university students struggle financially to remain enrolled in school, particularly those from less-wealthy families. Financial counseling can make a notable difference.

April 2024

Estimating the effect of employer matching contributions offsetting student loan debt

The U.S. student loan market plays a crucial role in enabling individuals to pursue higher education, but for many borrowers it also leads to substantial debt.

April 2024

New insights into improving financial well-being

The concept of financial wellbeing is subject to different definitions and interpretations, and there can be significant differences between individuals’ perceptions of their financial wellbeing and objective quantifiable measures.

April 2024

Financial Fragility, Financial Resilience, and Pension Distributions

Does planning for economic shocks, saving for short-term emergencies, and enhancing financial knowledge, reduce the likelihood of becoming financially fragile?

April 2024

How do life events affect retirement timing?

The timing of retirement is a major determinant of financial security. Yet workers’ actual retirement timing may be different than their expected time of retirement.