Enhance the financial security and organizational effectiveness of TIAA clients and society-at-large through standard-setting research and thought leadership.


  • Build critical knowledge through research pertaining to specific aspects of financial security and higher education.
  • Assemble leading thinkers with diverse views to explore key topics from multiple angles.
  • Collaborate with premier organizations that can expand the Institute’s reach and impact.
  • Produce communications in various formats for a broad audience.

Who We Serve

Higher Education: Helping leaders achieve outcomes that matter

The TIAA Institute serves as a trusted source of knowledge, helping higher education leaders navigate transformational changes. The Institute provides research and assembles leading thinkers with diverse views on critical topics to help leaders formulate well-reasoned strategic responses to critical issues in academic workforce trends, leadership and financial sustainability.

Foundations & Nonprofits: Increasing impact of foundations and endowments

The Institute supports foundations and nonprofits by focusing on their performance and impact.

Policymakers: Informing public policy

The TIAA Institute provides actionable, objective research and insights to inform policymakers and others who influence our nation’s financial security. Institute research is having a direct affect on matters relating to financial security and  retirement.

Academic Researchers: Conducting and sponsoring rigorous academic research since 1998

With a team of economists and program staff, Fellows and strategic partners, the Institute conducts research and organizes convenings on critical issues related to financial security, higher education and endowments and foundations.