Your security is our priority

TIAA protects personal data, secures account access and provides reimbursement if a breach occurs.*

Your information

Personal information is protected to help prevent identity theft

TIAA’s Security Operation Center provides fast, accurate, thorough and non-stop protection from cyber attacks.


  • Stringent security patching practices address vulnerabilities
  • Data loss prevention controls help ensure data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands
  • Award-winning security awareness training drives a culture of accountability for customer data protection
  • Robust supplier risk management practices help ensure our suppliers adhere to our expectations

TIAA Cyber program

Your accounts

Accounts are protected from unauthorized access

TIAA’s log-in security strategy provides faster and more accurate prevention and detection of cybercriminal access techniques.

  • 24x7 security monitoring alerts us to potential issues
  • Industry threat intelligence helps us stay ahead of attacks
  • Established technologies provide efficient prevention, detection and response
  • Multifactor authentication (MFA) is always on to help ensure only you can log into your account
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Further strengthen your  authentication

Additional verification factors can be added for increased account security. These factors often include:

Something you know

Such as your username and password

Something you have

Like your registered laptop, smartphone or tablet PC

Something you are

Like voice, facial or fingerprint biometrics

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Review your Security Preferences to includeadditional security factors.


TIAA provides assurance if an incident occurs

You are reimbursed for any loss due to unauthorized access.*

  • TIAA’s Customer Protection Policy
  • State and Federal law-based incident response and notifications
  • Credit monitoring and identity theft repair if your data is breached
  • Regulatory oversight, independent audit and certification of alignment with industry expectations
Report a concern

Report something suspicious

Call us 800-842-2252
We're here every weekday from 8 a.m. − 10 p.m. (ET).

Report a suspicious email

To report a suspicious email, please email us at abuse@tiaa.orgOpens Email.

Responsible Disclosure policy

If you are a security researcher, please review our Responsible Disclosure PolicyOpens in a new window

*Our practice is to reinstate a client’s TIAA account in full if there is a loss that is determined to be the result of unauthorized activity through no fault of the client.