Connecting mental and financial wellbeing: Insights for employers

Insights Report

The rise in reported employee mental health symptoms, particularly post-pandemic, underscores a growing crisis.


To boost employees’ mental and financial wellbeing, leading organizations are gauging individual employee needs, providing services that integrate mental and financial health, fostering knowledge exchange and resource-sharing, and adopting a “whole person” model of support. This report, a TIAA Institute collaboration with the High Lantern Group, describes what these employers are doing—and why all employers should take note.

Key Insights

  • While many organizations have integrated mental health assistance into their benefit programs, a significant gap remains between employees’ needs and available support.
  • Financial stresses, such as debt, greatly contribute to mental health challenges, with negative impacts on workplace productivity and employee engagement.
  • Poor mental health can impair the cognitive capacity crucial for evaluating financial options and risks, leading to poor financial decisions.

By providing integrated education and support, employers can positively address the mutually reinforcing financial and mental health relationship.


The researchers analyzed psychological and financial data from government, academic, and industry sources to formulate recommendations employers can use to increase employee productivity and overall wellbeing.

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