Thomas Rietz


  • Section head for finance on the executive committee of the Economic Science Association (three terms).
  • Member, Iowa Electronic Markets steering committee.
  • Work featured in Barron’s, Bloomberg News and Radio, CBS Market Watch, CNNfn, Reuters, The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

Thomas A. Rietz is faculty director of the MBA Finance Career Academy and Soumyo Sarkar Professor at The University of Iowa, where he teaches financial management and putting finance into practice. He served on the faculty at Northwestern University before returning to Iowa as a faculty member in the Finance Department in 1993.

Rietz has received numerous awards in both teaching and research, with topics ranging from finance and economics to political science, law and multidisciplinary science. His research in behavioral economics and finance examines trust and trustworthy behavior, reputation formation and reformation, rationality of decision making, asset allocation choices and prediction markets. Rietz earned his Ph.D. in economics at The University of Iowa.