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Multifactor Authentication

- [Narrator] What is multi-factor authentication? And how does it work at TIAA? Multi-factor authentication, commonly referenced as MFA, is an authentication method that requires you to provide two or more verification factors to gain access to your TIAA accounts. We use a best in class solution, which meets and exceeds regulatory standards for MFA that include elements beyond just the traditional one-time passcode verification. Multifactor authentication consists of something you know, such as username and password. Something you have like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Something you are like your voice, facial, or fingerprint recognition. Here's how it works. When you log in for the first time, or when you are logging in with a device unrecognized to TIAA, you'll be asked to provide additional verification to gain access to your account. Once you complete the initial verification, your device is then trusted and additional verification for that device is no longer required. When using our mobile app, you have the option of using your facial, or fingerprint recognition as an additional trusted factor when logging in. If you prefer, you can update your security settings to receive a one-time passcode at every login. TIAA's MFA method is highly secure and provides quick and easy access to your accounts. We want to ensure your accounts and information are always protected. It's our top priority. To learn more, visit the security center site at