Being accountable to the individuals and institutions we serve demands that we apply sound principles of corporate governance in managing our organization. Good governance is how we gain and maintain the trust of investors and other stakeholders. It’s also a key indicator of corporate performance and the future strength of our company.

Providing information about TIAA-CREF’s corporate governance structure demonstrates our belief that open, honest communication between our boards, our management and the constituents we serve is essential to ensuring our long-term strength and leadership position in financial services.

We have a longstanding commitment to good corporate governance practices. And we’re proud of the leadership role our organization has served in this area, and the many ways we’ve been able to effect change and promote good governance throughout the corporate world.

Governance Documents

Board of Overseers Governance Documents

Code of Ethics Documents

Our Compensation Policies

TIAA’s compensation policies and programs are designed to attract, retain, motivate and reward employees who have the knowledge and experience we need to conduct our business.

They also help align our compensation with the interests of our individual participants and institutional clients.

Each year, the Human Resources Committee of TIAA’s Board of Trustees publishes TIAA's Compensation Discussion and Analysis, which describes TIAA’s executive compensation programs and the TIAA Trustee compensation program.

Although we’re not subject to the same disclosure laws that govern public companies, we voluntarily share our compensation information publicly. And because we’re committed to transparency, we also disclose the employment agreement for the company’s president and CEO.

Compensation Documents

Who We Are

Who We AreWe’ve been committed to your financial well-being since 1918.

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