How we serve you

Accountability and corporate governance

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our ability to serve you is based on
our ability to earn and maintain your trust.
How we're structured

Putting participants at the center

Our customers’ needs matter most. Our boards are made up of people who understand and promote our values. We even ask participants to help nominate individuals for our board seats.

Enhancing and protecting the long-term value of your investments

The Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Committee of our Boards of Trustees provides oversight and guidance to our Stewardship & Corporate Governance Team. The Stewardship Team advocates for your investments, working to grow and protect the assets we manage, by engaging directly with companies, proxy voting, and leading market-wide discussion on environmental, social and governance issues.

We have a long history of supporting development of responsible investing principles.

Our commitment involves:
Developing and advancing responsible investment practices
Engaging with our portfolio companies and stakeholders
Incorporating environmental, social, and governance factors in investment decisions
Promoting transparency and accountability

We're an open book

We're committed to earning and maintain your trust. Transparency is key and our annual reports, funds and account statements and even our CEO's contract are easily accessible and available for download.

 Governance documents, company financials, annual reports, code of ethics, compensation policies, CEO’s Contracts