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More accounts now in 360° Financial View

Get a more complete picture of your money with bank, brokerage, and trust accounts fully integrated in your 360° Financial View.

Easy 1-click eDelivery settings

We’ve made going paperless easy with just one click. Set everything to eDelivery or select how you want to received your important information. Go to your personal profile’s communication preferences page to change your settings.

Get SMS alerts about potential fraud or suspicious activity

Your security is important to us, and we will notify you if we detect potentially suspicious activity. Go to your personal profile’s communication preferences to sign up to for text message alerts.

Previous Enhancements

  • Easier online enrollment

    The new online experience features the “choose for me” path, making it simpler and faster to enroll in employer-sponsored plans.
  • Customizing your start page

    New and personalized start pages feature the information that matters most.
    New enrollee
    Features guidance to help new customers get the most from their TIAA account.
    You can always switch back to your standard start page.
    Nearing retirement
    Features retirement savings, projected income and other info as you approach your target retirement age.
    In retirement
    Features TIAA income, required minimum distributions and more for those already retired.
    See if one of these customized start pages is available for you. You can always change it back later.
  • Ask SIRI for your account balance

    TIAA is giving you more ways to stay connected to your money. If you’re an iOS user, you can now ask Siri for your TIAA retirement, bank or brokerage account balances.
    Download the TIAA mobile app
    App Store | Google Play Store
  • Opt-in for text alerts and reminders

    We can send you an SMS text message after retirement transactions and mortgage payments, and we can send a reminder before an upcoming advisor meeting. Go to your communications preference page to opt-in to SMS.
  • Our automated assistant gets you the right documents faster

    The “Ask TIAA” feature can save you the hassle of hunting for the right statements, forms and documents.
    *All materials depicted are for illustrative purposes only.
  • A custom homepage for retirees

    The “in retirement” start page features retirement assets, TIAA Retirement income, RMD info and more.
  • RMDs now include inherited accounts

    Customers with required minimum distributions (RMDs) can now see inherited accounts, making it easier to know how much to take each
  • Introducing a new loan calculator tool

    This tool helps you understand your options before you take a loan. Enter the amount you want to take out and immediately see an estimated monthly payment.
  • Use the goals page in your online account

    Have a Financial goal in mind? Head to your goals page to watch a quick video that explains the perks of setting smart financial goals.
    Team up with TIAA on your goals page
    If you have a dedicated TIAA advisor, they can help you develop and plan to achieve your financial goals in your account’s goals.

  • We’ve added TIAA Bank account actions to your online account

    If you have a TIAA Bank account, you can easily manage it from the actions page alongside your other TIAA accounts.
    *All materials depicted are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Visit our new required minimum distributions (RMDs) education page

    Visit our new required minimum distributions (RMDs) education page
    If you’re 70 ½ and retired, the IRS requires you to take a certain amount of money from your plans each year. RMDs can make people a little nervous, so we’ve pulled together some helpful resources, including a short video and an overview of the 5-step RMD process.
    Keep this resource in mind whenever RMDs come up.
  • Automated Assistant

    “Ask TIAA” can help you do more online
    “Ask TIAA” is our automated assistant that can now help you take a loan or withdrawal, transfer funds, and change investments and more online. 
    After you use “Ask TIAA”, tell us what you think of it with a quick thumbs up or down.
  • Nearing retirement selectable homepage updates

    Set your start page to focus on retirement
    If you’re nearing retirement, you can now view your retirement savings, projected income, and investment allocations each time you log in. Set your start page to nearing retirement to see your customized summary view. (You can always change it back later.) 
  • Statements & documents

    View statements & documents for all TIAA accounts in one place
    You can now view investment and bank account statements together, organized by date, with an improved ability to sort and filter to find what you need. No need to poke around – it’s all right there for you.

  • Amazon Alexa

    Enable the new TIAA skill to ask Alexa about TIAA office locations, find an advisor, ask about market performance or get important tax dates.
    Whats New Alexa
  • Get more details from your online account

    We’re always working to make your online experience better.
    Here are some recent improvements:

    More contribution & activity info

    See your activity from the past 2 years instead of just 90 days.

    529 education savings plans online

    If you have a TIAA 529 plan, see more detailed account balance and investment information.

    Enhanced budgeting tool

    New 360° Financial View can help you budget and plan with your whole financial picture in mind on any device.
    Learn about how you can analyze, manage, link and aggregate outside accounts
  • Build your retirement income plan

    Are you within 5 years of retirement? Then try our Retirement Profile Tool and see if you are on track to meet your retirement income needs. Here’s how it works:

    Step 1

    Answer a few questions to see if you’re on track.

    Step 2

    View a proposed strategy that may improve your outcome.

    Step 3

    Make adjustments to create a customized income plan.
  • Pay bills more easily through TIAA Mobile

    TIAA Bank customers can manage their bill payees directly from the mobile app. Go to the new Manage Payees section to add, remove or edit payees.
    Whats New Mobile
    Download the TIAA mobile app. Simple. Fast. Secure.
  • Retirement contribution details now online & in the app

    Log into your online account or open the TIAA mobile app to see how much you’ve contributed to your retirement plans this year.
    Navigate to the year-to-date contributions details on the account summary page, or by choosing an account and selecting the contributions tab.
*All materials depicted are for illustrative purposes only.