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TIAA can support the latest 3 versions of Quicken for Windows, PC and Mac users. Find out more from QuickenOpens in a new window.

No. Quicken is not compatible with annuity contracts in the payout phase (immediate annuities) such as transfer payout annuities, interest only annuities, or other annuitized contracts.

Yes, your TIAA retirement accounts, directly held mutual funds and trusts will automatically update via Quicken Direct Connect.

However, these payout stage contracts cannot be downloaded:
- Transfer Payout Annuities
- Immediate Annuities
- Interest Only contracts
- Personal Annuities
- After-Tax Annuities

Brokerage accounts may be downloaded separately when you log in. Follow the same steps for adding retirement contracts and select Brokerage for the account type, then select TIAA Brokerage Services.

Note: Improved Connection is not available for Trust clients.

For assistance connecting your TIAA accounts to Quicken Direct Connect, refer to our Direct Connect for PCOpens pdf (PDF).

Although Direct Connect is the simplest way for you to connect your TIAA accounts to Quicken, you may still use Web Connect.

Log in to your accountOpens in a new window. Select Actions and look under the TIAA documents tile. Then select Download to Quicken®.

‒ Direct Connect: Up to 7 months of retirement and trust account transactions are available. Mutual fund transactions are available for the last 120 days.

‒ Web Connect: Transaction history is available for the prior 2 calendar years plus the current year for your retirement, trust and mutual fund accounts.

There are 4 primary reasons this could happen:

1) Your account has a cash balance (positive or negative). This likely means your retirement accounts or an IRA was incorrectly identified in Quicken as a brokerage account. (Note: Directly-held mutual funds accounts should be set up as brokerage accounts.)

How to fix it: Edit cash balance to zero and/or change the account type to 401(k)/403(b).

2) The ticker symbol and/or price may be incorrect.

How to fix it: Delete the account and download the Quicken (.qfx) file again.

3) A TIAA account is linked to a non-TIAA account.

How to fix it: Check your other account balances for accuracy, then either delete accounts with incorrect balances and download the .QFX file again, or delete the unwanted transactions.

4) TIAA Traditional placeholder messagingOpens pdf – TIAA Traditional requires you to accept a placeholder entry to adjust the daily balance when there is not an actual transaction to adjust the balance.

If you accept the entry and it's still not fixed, please give us a call at 866-207-6467.

If you need help, please contact us at 866-207-6467.
For technical issues with the Quicken software, please visit Intuit QuickenOpens in a new window.

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