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  • Stock markets trade Monday - Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET, except for holidays. For the current holiday schedule.
  • Orders received during pre or post market hours are held in a "pending status" awaiting the next trading session. Pending orders will be reviewed before the market opens for the next trading session. At that time the order status will be updated.
  • Orders placed pre/post market will be reviewed before the market opens for the next trading session. At that time the order status will be updated.
  • Due to the lack of price transparency and the volatility of these stocks, it is TIAA Brokerage's policy to not allow purchases.
  • Funds are available for trading once an ACH/check/wire deposit has been posted to an account. For all deposits, you will be able to buy marginable securities as soon as your account is funded. However, there is a 7-10 business-day hold placed on all checks/ACH deposits before you may withdraw funds from your account or buy non-marginable securities.
    The hold period does not apply to funds wired into your TIAA Brokerage account via Federal Funds Wire.
  • Commissions and transaction fees are paid from the available cash/margin balance within your brokerage account. Keep in mind, that you must have enough to cover the entire purchase and any applicable fees or the trade may be rejected.
  • For stock and ETF trades, you are able to specify certain time limits for your orders; including Market, Good for the day (GTD), and Good for 90 days (GTC).
  • Once you have an established mutual fund investment, recurring mutual fund orders to buy or sell can be established. Within the trade screen, select Recurring Mutual Fund Buy or Recurring Mutual Fund Sell as the Type of Trade. Complete the amount, frequency, start date and end date.
  • Recurring automated purchases of individual securities including stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are not currently available.
  • Our brokerage consultants are available to discuss your goals, objectives and educate you about the investment choices available. They are also able to help you become familiar with the research information and screening tools available to assist you in identifying investments.
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