Financial services beyond retirement

TIAA offers additional services designed to help your employees & organization pursue a range of financial objectives.
Retiree health

Retiree healthcare plans

Control costs

  • Employers decide how much they contribute
  • Realize costs today, without future liabilities
  • Reduce or eliminate benefit liabilities and financial statement requirements

Drive timely retirements

  • Improve likelihood that employees retire with adequate savings for healthcare expenses
  • Help reduce concerns over losing employer healthcare

Maximize compensation costs

  • Tax-free contributions
  • Tax-free earnings & distributions
  • Potential to stretch the benefit by up to 50%1

Strengthen employment offer

  • Complement your other retirement plan solutions
  • Use competitive benefits to further support recruitment & retention

Executive compensation can be a key piece of your total rewards program

TIAA's executive compensation programs offer the full range of solutions and information.
We can tailor executive compensation programs for your eligible employees.
TIAA clients have access to a dedicated team of investment, tax and estate
planning professionals.
Our advisors seek to optimize lifetime savings and investments to pursue
specific retirement goals.
Charitable giving

Comprehensive planned gift and endowment management services

TIAA Kaspick provides comprehensive support to the planned giving programs of many of the nation's leading academic, religious, medical, environmental, and social service organizations.

Planned gift management

TIAA Kaspick helps clients achieve the essential elements of a successful planned giving program.

Endowment management

Outsourced CIO services for endowment clients use a consistent investment philosophy.
1 Based on the results of a hypothetical illustration where $2,000/year was contributed into both a Retiree Health Care Account (RHCA) and a 403(b) plan for 30 years. The assets in both accounts grew at a 6% interest rate each year and this resulted in an after-tax total accumulation amount of $162,419 from the RHCA compared to $108,821 from a tax-advantaged retirement savings plan. This assumes a 33% tax-rate. Individual rates will vary.