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PlanFocus Mobile App

Manage PlanFocus activities from your smartphone while you are away from your desk.

The PlanFocus Mobile App is continually evolving to better meet your needs.

  • Your data is secure with Fraud Block, Touch ID and Face ID
  • You can stay up to date with action items and notices
  • The NEW payroll center where you can view, edit and remit funding of online contribution lists
  • View all participant transaction requests and approve or extend loan requests
  • Search participant information
  • Email or call your TIAA team

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PlanFocus Mobile App

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Mobile Plan Administration

PlanFocus® on the go

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Transcript for PlanFocus Mobile App video

VO: In a first for TIAA and the industry, PlanFocus is going mobile with its own app, expanding your digital experience and providing an easy, convenient and secure way to access your plan account when you're on the go.

Stay up-to-date on action items and notices that may require your attention, right from the home screen.

Easily connect with your TIAA team by phone or email.

Review participant transaction requests and take the necessary action.

Searching for participant information is just a touch away so you can find the information you need and easily answer questions even when you're not at your desk.

You can also take care of important tasks like giving others web access right from your phone.

With fraud block, Touch ID and Face ID, you can be sure your data is secure, too.

So take advantage of these powerful features and more as we continue to enhance the app to better serve you.

Download the PlanFocus app from the Apple or Android store today and stay connected with PlanFocus on the go.

Common Questions

FAQs about the PlanFocus mobile app

  • You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google play. As long as you have a current PlanFocus login ID and password, you’ll be able to use it.
  • It works on all Apple iPhones running iOS 10.0 or later, and Android phones running Lollipop version 5.0 or higher.
  • Not at the current time. But stay tuned for future updates!
  • Security is our top priority. In addition to Touch ID, Face ID (iPhone X) and fingerprint authentication for Android devices, our TIAA Enterprise Financial Crime Prevention team constantly monitors mobile activity for potential fraud. In addition, no data is stored or retained on the device, and certain PII data, such as SSNs are masked (although you can search using a person’s SSN).
  • You should follow standard protocols: Change your PlanFocus password and report your lost device to your carrier.
  • No, but if you have given your consultant PlanFocus sign-in credentials, they can access it.
  • You can look for new features and enhanced functionality at least once per quarter and as frequently as once per month. They will happen automatically.