Investment solutions

Our investment solutions can help you guide employees to and through retirement.

Helping employees create a solid investment strategy

You have the power to construct a diverse investment menu to help employees prepare for retirement.
A diverse menu. Saving for retirement. Open-architecture access to mutual funds across major asset classes. Living in retirement. A variety of lifetime income products.
Lifetime Income

How to achieve lifetime income

Read about our emphasis on lifetime income in this white paper .
Then visit our dedicated page to see how we're helping employees establish an income floor. That means generating enough income through investments to meet basic necessities of life, which can be critical to employee success into and through retirement.
Default Solutions

TIAA can help employees create a solid investment strategy

Explore default investment options or qualified default investment alternatives (QDIA) that range from lifecycle mutual funds to custom default options.
Lifecycle Funds

A simple way to save for retirement

These off-the-shelf funds adjust automatically based on an employee's age and targeted retirement date.
Custom Default Options

Flexibility to help generate retirement income

This suite of customizable solutions focuses on accumulation and income generation.

Plan advice & lifetime income

Help take the worry out of retirement by offering your employees what they need.