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Income Options

Options to help generate income

TIAA Traditional

Help generate guaranteed lifetime income

A TIAA Traditional fixed annuity guarantees that your employees’ money will grow at a set rate and provide a consistent lifetime income stream.**
Variable annuities

A smart way to prepare for retirement

Help your employees save during their working years and convert savings to income once retired.
Custom default solutions

A focus on income

Review the latest innovations in custom default solutions that can help improve retirement outcomes for participants and provide a focus on income.
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*In retirement, employees can convert savings into a stream of lifetime income payments. Options include payments that are guaranteed, or that vary depending upon market performance.
**Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA).
Annuity account options are available through contracts issued by TIAA or CREF. These contracts are designed for retirement or other long-term goals, and offer a variety of income options, including lifetime income. Payments from the variable annuity accounts are not guaranteed and will rise or fall based on investment performance.
There are inherent risks in investing in securities. Investment products may be subject to market and other risk factors. See the applicable product literature, or visit for details. It is possible to lose money by investing in securities.