Envision your retirement

The who

Staying connected

To keep the rhythm of your social life beating, stay engaged and socially active.

Stay in touch.

Create a contact list of the people closest to you in your working life.  You can connect online or informally with whom you would like to stay in touch with.

Strengthen existing friendships.

Now’s the time to call in all the “let’s do lunch” promises from friends. Build a few hours of your weekly routine around catching up with old friends and acquaintances.

Engage on social media.

Share your experiences through social media sites and talk to long-distance family and friends using video calls.

Tighten family ties.

Surround yourself with loved ones and make up for lost time (consider offering babysitting of grandkids).

Develop new relationships.

There are plenty of free retiree groups, classes and events. Investigate online resources like AARP.com in your area through local retirement centers.

Share your passions.

Consider volunteering or other charitable activities, or visit sites like encore.org to read inspiring stories of people making a difference in their second acts.
The when

It doesn't have to be all or nothing.

There are ways to transition to retirement on your own terms—whether you make the decision to stop working altogether, work a reduced schedule, or take an early retirement package.
Strategize with your spouse to stagger retirement dates in a way that maximizes lifetime benefits for you both.1
Phase into retirement gradually by working fewer days per week or serving as an hourly consultant at your existing job.2
Find part-time or seasonal work requiring less of your time and energy.
Throw yourself into a second career or philanthropic opportunity that inspires and motivates you.
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