Your family and friends

This time of life gives you the freedom to connect and reconnect with those near and far who bring meaning to your life. See how relationships new and old can inspire and endure, bringing joy to you and those around you.

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We asked people like you, "How are you staying connected?"

Stay socially active

We've hand-picked some resources to help you create and maintain meaningful relationships.


Spending time with young people has its benefits

Improve your cognitive, physical and emotional health by hanging out with kids.

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Your to-do list

Have you named your beneficiaries?

Watch this video on the importance of naming beneficiaries. Then do it!

For Grandparents

Help teach your grandkids about money

Grandparents often underestimate their influence on their grandkids.

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Caring for your parents

Understand the options and costs of caregiving.


Social media for seniors

Stay connected with this guide to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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When parents or kids move in

Is it a blessing or a burden? Get tips on living with family members.


Giving to the next generation

5 questions your estate plan should answer.

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