Connect with TIAA just by using your voice

Once you’ve downloaded the Alexa app, you can enable the TIAA skill to check your account balance and more.Visit Apple App StoreGet It On Google Play

What can I ask Alexa?

Got a question about TIAA? Alexa can help with that.


Ready to start your own conversation with Alexa? Enable TIAA’s Alexa skillOpens in a new window :


Open the Alexa app, tap on Skills & Games menu and search for TIAA.


Tap on ENABLE TO USE and link your account by entering your User ID and password.


Say, “Alexa, open TIAA” and start asking questions.

Frequently asked questions

Open the Alexa app, tap Skills & Games in the menu, and search for TIAA. Then tap ENABLE TO USE and say, “Alexa, open TIAA.”

Thanks to the new TIAA skill, Alexa now has the answers you’re looking for. Once you’ve enabled the skill, say "Alexa open TIAA" to check your balance and more. Here are some of the things you can ask Alexa:

 To check your balance inquiry:
“What is my portfolio balance?”
“What is my bank balance?”
“What is my retirement balance?”
“What is my brokerage balance?”
“What is my balance?”

 To find the nearest TIAA advisor / office:
"Get me the nearest Advisor."
"Locate the nearest Advisor."

"Find the nearest Office." 


To start trivia game on TIAA:
"Start a game."
"Let’s play a game."


To get market stock quotes or symbol lookups:
"Fetch quote for _____."
"Show me quote for_____."
"I want a quote for _____."
"Fetch symbol for _____."
"I want the symbol for_____."  


To get market performance:
"How did the market perform?"
"How did the Dow Jones do?"


To get the tax availability dates:
"When will I receive my 5498?"
"When will I get my W-2?"
"When will I receive my retirement distributions tax documents?"
"When will I get my maturity payout tax form?"

Once you've enabled the TIAA skill, you will have the option to link your TIAA account to access account information by following these steps.   

  1. Go to Settings and tap Link Account.
  2. Enter your TIAA username and password (A one time password will be required for account linking).
  3. Next, you’ll create 6-digit Alexa PIN which will be used as a security question later.
  4. Accept Terms and Conditions.
  5. Now your TIAA account is successfully linked.

No. Once you've successfully paired your account to any Alexa-enabled device, it will work on any device that has Alexa–including the Echo, Echo Show, Dot, Tap, etc., as long as these devices are associated to the same profile.

After you enable the skill, you also need to link your TIAA account to Alexa. Open the Alexa app on your phone, find the TIAA skill, and tap “Link Account.” Follow the instructions from there. You’ll know you’re done when you see a screen that says, “Your TIAA Skill was successfully linked.”

When you enable the TIAA skill, you enter your TIAA username and password. This lets Alexa access your TIAA information, but don’t worry—we don’t share your log-in information with Amazon (or anyone else).

No. We don’t share your log-in info with Amazon (or anyone else).

As long as the skill is enabled, Alexa will be linked to your TIAA accounts. If you don't want to let Alexa access your account anymore, you’ll have to disable the TIAA skill. To do that, open your Alexa app and go to the TIAA skill, then click on Disable and your account will be un-linked. Keep in mind that once you disable the TIAA skill, you won’t be able to ask Alexa about your TIAA accounts anymore on any Alexa-enabled Amazon device.

A 6-digit code (numbers only) that you create so we can verify it's really you before saying your detailed account information out loud.