401(k) Plan

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Employee Contributions
Eligible employees may elect to make contribution to the 401(k) Plan through either (or both) of the following methods:
(a) salary reduction during each pay period based on base salary paid to you (base salary excludes any service award, overtime pay, bonuses, or any other non-regular compensation (including flex benefits credits), and/or
(b) reduction of a portion or all of your annual cash award.
You will also be automatically enrolled in the optional “Auto-Increase” feature, which increases your contribution rate by 1% on April 1st of each subsequent year until your contribution rate reaches 10%. You can opt out of “Auto-Increase” or change how much you contribute at any time.
Employee Catch-up Contributions
In addition to the standard contribution, you may also make a "catch -up contribution" if you are age 50 or older in the calendar year.
Contributions can be pre-tax and after-tax (Roth) contributions as chosen by the employee and will be accounted for separately.
Employer Contributions
Your employer will match 100% of an eligible employee’s base salary, shift differential and commissions up to $300,000, in an amount of up to 3% of eligible earnings to the 401(k) Plan.

Matching contributions will be made in the same payroll period as the salary reduction) or annual cash award (matching contributions will be made at the end of the final payroll period of the year).
To obtain vesting information regarding this plan, contact TIAA at 800-842-2252.

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