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Voluntary Savings Program (Tax-Deferred Annuity)

City University of New York offers this plan as part of workplace benefits. Now is a great time to understand what is offered - think about taking advantage of any opportunities to save and invest for the future. 
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This plan allows only employee contributions. City University of New York does not make matching contributions with this plan.

The CUNY Voluntary Savings Plan is voluntary and allows you to make pretax contributions to your retirement savings. Your contributions are taken out of your income before you pay taxes, reducing your current taxable income and the amount of taxes that you pay. And, you pay no taxes on your contributions or any earnings until you receive your accumulations in retirement.

Beginning in 2017, The CUNY TDA Plan will offer an after tax option.  You will need a new Salary Reduction Agreement when joining the TDA Plan or changing your pre or after-tax contribution.  Limits are set each year by the IRS and are shown on the Salary Reduction Agreement.
As a full-time or part time classified civil service staff member, you are eligible to participate in this CUNY Voluntary Savings Plan (Tax-Deferred Annuity).
"Vesting" refers to an employee's right, usually earned over time, to receive some retirement benefits regardless of whether or not they remain with the employer. Your contribution to this account will be 100% vested immediately.

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