Schedule of IRS tax forms

Find out when tax forms will be mailed, available online and accessible from TIAA’s mobile app.
We are mailing tax documents in accordance with regulatory requirements. Please note that mail might be delayed due to the heavy postal volume caused by COVID-19.
Tax Form Delivery Schedule
  • Most Brokerage tax forms will be delivered by the standard IRS deadline listed below.  We send the forms in a phased approach to ensure you receive your tax forms as earliest as possible and with complete information.  However, some issuers are unable to provide us with final reporting information required for us to meet the standard IRS deadline; therefore, we occasionally request an IRS extension so we can send your tax form when the final data is received.  We strive to send your tax form with accurate figures the first time instead of sending amended tax forms.  
    Additional Brokerage tax resources and tools are available at . The Supplemental Information tool may provide information about municipal bonds or income from foreign countries, that you may need to file your taxes. (Available by March).
*1099-DIV for the TIAA-CREF Real Estate Securities Fund is sent by February 28.