The tax deadline is April 18, 2022

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Manage your tax withholdings from retirement accounts or annuities

You can review and change the amount you withhold from your retirement income at any time.


Frequently asked questions about taxes

You can review your tax forms on your Statements and DocumentsOpens in a new window page.

Tax forms are also available in the "Statements" section of the TIAA mobile app. If you don't have it, download it here:

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Check our mailing schedule to see when we send tax forms for retirement, brokerage, TIAA Bank, home loan, trust and world markets.

Yes, depending on the type of tax document. Tax information can be downloaded directly within TurboTax® and Quicken.

Yes, you may obtain a duplicate tax form in one of the following ways:

Go to the Your Communication PreferenceOpens in a new window page to select your communication preference, including opting in/out for your tax forms.

You can review, download and print all current and prior-year tax documents on your Statements and Documents pageOpens in a new window. Use the filters to find documents by date or type.

2021 IRA contribution deadline is April 18, 2022.

Contributions submitted via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) must be received in good order by Midnight EST, April 13th, 2022 to be processed by the deadline.

Contributions submitted via mail must be received in good order with a postmark no later than Monday, April 18th, 2022.

To review your specific details, go to IRA contributionsOpens in a new window and select the Contributions tab. If you’d like to make 2021 contributions, call us at 800-842-2252, weekdays, 8 a.m. 10 p.m. (ET).

For the very latest information, please check with your tax advisor or visit the IRS websiteOpens in a new window.

For a detailed explanation of the distribution codes, please refer to the back side of the printed form or visit the IRS websiteOpens in a new window.

Yes. Your 1099-R reports all distributions you have taken during the calendar year. The types of distributions are not broken out by RMD, Cash withdrawal, rollover, etc.

You can pay your tax liability in 2022, continue to spread your tax payments over 2022 and 2023, or repay up to the full amount to reduce your tax liability.

If you want to repay up to the full amount of your withdrawal to reduce your tax liability, please call our CARES team at 855-400-4294 to speak with a consultant.

You can learn more by visiting the IRS websiteOpens in a new window, and we encourage you to consult with a tax professional to plan for your unique situation.

If you made contributions to your IRA for 2021 or completed a rollover, recharacterization or conversion for 2021 you will receive a 5498 by May 31, 2022.

Note: 5498 forms will no longer be issued to report Fair Market Value. Fair Market Value as of 12/31/2021 is available on your 4th quarter statement.

If you did not receive a 5498, please refer to your most recent statementOpens in a new window for balance information.

You can review TIAA’s tax schedule to see when all tax documents are ready.

For TIAA Bank loans serviced by LoanCare
Visit TIAABank.myloancare.comOpens in a new window or call 844-436-0374.

For loans no longer serviced by TIAA Bank
If your loan was transferred to another servicer, they will mail your tax documents in accordance with regulatory requirements. For more information, contact them directly.

If your loan was paid in full prior to March 2021, TIAA Bank will mail your tax documents in accordance with regulatory requirements.

TIAA mobile app

Get your tax documents & more in the TIAA mobile app

Once you've downloaded the TIAA mobile app, you can access your tax forms.


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Tax withholdings

Elect your state and federal tax withholdings and find relevant forms.


If you use TurboTax, you can easily pull certain TIAA tax documents into your tax returns.