The tax deadline is May 17, 2021

Important: Learn more about the tax filing extension.
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Manage your tax withholdings from retirement accounts or annuities

You can review and change the amount you withhold from your retirement income at any time. 

Frequently asked questions about taxes

You can review your tax forms on your Statements and Documents page. 
Tax forms are also available in the “Statements” section of the TIAA mobile app. If you don't have it, download it here: 

Check our mailing schedule to see when we send tax forms for retirement, brokerage, TIAA Bank, home loan, trust and world markets.
Yes, depending on the type of tax document. Tax information can be downloaded directly within TurboTax® and Quicken.

Yes, you may obtain a duplicate tax form in one of the following ways:
  • Go to our mobile app and download the forms you need.
  • Go to the tax withholding page to request a duplicate tax form through the mail. 
  • Go to Statements and Documents to view and print your tax forms.
  • Call 800-842-2252 and speak to a representative.  We're here weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (ET).

Go to the Your Communication Preference page to select your communication preference, including opting in/out for your tax forms.
You can review, download and print all current and prior-year tax documents on your Statements and Documents page. Use the filters to find documents by date or type. 
2020 IRA contribution deadline is May 17, 2021

Due to a disaster declaration, the following states have extensions to file and pay federal and state taxes (where applicable) and make 2020 IRA contributions.
  • Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana residents have until June 15, 2021
  • Kentucky and West Virginia residents have until June 30, 2021
  • Tennessee and Alabama residents have until August 2, 2021

To review your specific details, go to IRA contributions and select the Contributions tab. If you’d like to make 2020 contributions, call us at 800-842-2252, weekdays, 8 a.m. 10 p.m. (ET).
For the very latest information, please check with your tax advisor or visit the IRS website .

That depends on the code. For a detailed explanation of the distribution codes, please refer to the back side of the printed form or visit the IRS website .
Yes it does. Your 1099-R reports only the total amounts taken. It does not break them down based on type of distribution (RMD, cash withdrawal, rollover to name a few).
If you took a coronavirus-related withdrawal in 2020 under the CARES Act, then you can pay your tax liability in 2021, spread your tax payments over three years, or repay up to the full amount of your withdrawal to reduce your tax liability. If you want to repay up to the full amount of your withdrawal to reduce your tax liability, please call our CARES team at 855-400-4294 to speak with a consultant.

You can learn more by visiting the IRS website , and we encourage you to consult with a tax professional to plan for your unique situation.
If you have a required minimum distribution (RMD) due in 2021, you will get a 5498 in January. If you made contributions to your IRA for 2020 between January 1, 2020, and May 17, 2021, you will get a 5498 by June 30, 2021. If you completed a rollover or recharacterization in 2020, you'll also receive a 5498 by June 30, 2021. 
If you did not receive a 5498, please refer to your most recent statement for balance information. 
You can review TIAA’s tax schedule to see when all tax documents are ready. 
In 2020, RMDs were suspended under the CARES Act, and the deadline for a timely rollover was extended to the latter of 60 days from the distribution or August 31, 2020.  As a result, many participants returned RMDs that had been taken earlier in the year.  Note that the Form 1099-R which was issued does not consider the impact of rollovers.  Only the amounts retained and not amounts that were properly rolled over in a timely fashion will be subject to income tax.  It is important that you inform your tax preparer of any RMDs that were rolled over so that the distribution and offsetting contribution(s) can be accurately reported on your Form 1040.

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