Beneficiary Change

Log in to create, change or add beneficiaries for your TIAA-CREF account(s) including life insurance.

Things to consider:

  • A beneficiary can be an individual, institution, estate or trust.
    Keep designations as simple as possible.
  • If you have more than one beneficiary, the allocations must total 100 percent.
    • Benefits go to the primary beneficiary(ies) first.
    • If primary beneficiary(ies) are deceased, benefits go to contingent beneficiary(ies).
    • If you chose a Two-Life annuity option, the annuity partner cannot be listed as your beneficiary.
    • If there is no guaranteed period, or the guaranteed and fixed periods have expired, beneficiaries receive no death benefits.
  • Which contract(s) you are applying your designations to.
    You can designate to any or all contracts for each product type.
  • Once you log in, we will let you know if you need to complete an unmarried determination or spousal waiver.
    • If you're married, and it's required, your spouse must sign the prefilled waiver before a notary public or plan representative on the same or later date than when you sign it.

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