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Annual Tax Forms

Yes, tax forms can be viewed on the Statements and Documents page. Filter by the Type "Tax reporting forms" to view your available tax forms.
Tax forms are also in the “Statements” section on your TIAA mobile app. Download today!

Check our mailing schedule to see when we send tax forms for retirement, brokerage, TIAA Bank, home loan, trust and world markets.
Tax forms are sent at different times. See our tax form mailing schedule to see when tax statements will be available. Additionally, only certain transactions are eligible for a tax statement. If we're required to report a transaction you made to the IRS, you'll receive a tax form. Receipt of a form does not necessarily mean you owe taxes on a transaction.
Didn't get a tax form?
If you did not receive a tax form from TIAA and were expecting one, it may be that you had no transactions that need to be reported. For example, normal contributions and direct transfers from one plan custodian to another are not reportable events and do not result in a tax form.
You can review, download and print all current and prior-year tax documents on your Statements and Documents page. Use the filters to find documents by date or type. 
Yes, you may obtain a duplicate tax form in one of the following ways:
  • Go to our mobile app and download the forms you need.
  • Go to the tax withholding page to request a duplicate tax form through the mail. 
  • Go to Statements and Documents to view and print your tax forms.
  • Call 800-842-2252 and speak to a representative.  We're here weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (ET).

Go to the Your Communication Preference page to select your communication preference, including opting in/out for your tax forms.