Using different accounts for different goals

How a Brokerage Account Can Help

Work towards multiple savings goals

A brokerage account can help you invest for a variety of goals such as retirement, education, vacations, and wealth accumulation. Even in retirement, some investors use brokerage accounts to set up streams of income and cash management services. Consolidating your different goals into one account can simplify your financial life significantly.

Expand your choices

There are usually far more investment options to choose from than you might find in a workplace savings plan like a 401(k) or 403(b). With more choices, you can better align the investments you choose to your objectives and savings goals.

Manage your cash

Brokerage accounts usually offer cash management services that pay competitive rates on the cash you keep in the account. Most cash management accounts offer services similar to bank accounts such as FDIC insurance, debit cards and checkwriting, making them an attractive place to hold funds when you sell securities or receive dividend payments.

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