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Voice: Undoubtedly the most serendipitous investment I have made in my life has been the one I made with TIAA. It has enabled me…

Voice: …daily bread, and I have such confidence in your organization that I have never had to worry…

Voice: Maybe I owe some of my longevity to the good people of TIAA-CREF who ensured that we…

Voice: …how could I live without your help? Retirement is great, but what is so pleasant is to receive monies for which one did not…

Voice: I must say that as one of your annuitants, I’ve not been a bargain for TIAA-CREF.

Voice: …in TIAA-CREF has helped me with her education, which included a PhD…I do not need…

Moderator: Andrew Carnegie could have done anything with his money.


But he understood that “No man becomes rich, unless he enriches others.” So, he set out to form a different kind of financial services company.

One built around ethics, ideals and investing for the long run. A company with true commitment at the heart of its mission.

In 1918, Andrew Carnegie created TIAA — to help educators achieve financial freedom and make a difference in the lives they touch.

Through the years, we’ve grown to also serve visionaries, nurturers and inventors across the not-for-profit landscape.


As our customers grew in numbers, their savings and investments made a positive impact on the world.

Today, we continue to help push the world forward as we help our customers achieve their financial goals.

We’re expanding our retail banking services, so that our customers can pursue financial well-being through every stage of their lives.

At the same time, we’re changing the face of cities, building iconic buildings, highways and airports…and bringing sustainability to farms and forests through our asset management business, Nuveen.

Caption: NUVEEN

And we continue to empower our institutions in even broader ways, through endowment and philanthropy management, and commercial lending.

After 100 years, we’re recommitting to helping a new generation make a difference as they define their own success story.

We’re still here for those who believe compassion is the world’s most valuable commodity.

For those who know that success is helping others succeed. We’re here for those who understand that the only way to improve the world is to change it.

We are TIAA.

And we’re here to make a difference for the Difference Makers.


Investment, insurance and annuity products are not FDIC insured, and are not bank guaranteed.

Our Mission

Helping drive better outcomes

We provide plan sponsors with simplified administration and cost effciencies to promote positive retirement outcomes for your employees.
Helping drive better outcomes: Manage Risk Control Costs Streamline Choice and Increase Participation
How We Invest

Created to serve, built to perform

Investment solutions from TIAA and Nuveen can help you pursue financial well-being and positive outcomes for organization and your employees.
Our Approach

TIAA's approach to retirement planning

Lifetime income options and personalized advice help to ensure your employees don't outlive their retirement savings.
1 As of June 30, 2018, assets under management across Nuveen Investments affiliates and TIAA investment management teams are $1T.
2 Source: TIAA advice analysis of 176,279 TIAA participants who received retirement plan advice online or working with a consultant   1 and took action in the 12 months ending 8/30/16. Of the 48% who took at least one action, 11% chose to save more, 32% changed their future allocations and 32% rebalanced their portfolio.
3 Source: TIAA advice analysis of 27,380 participants who received retirement plan advice through our online Retirement Advisor tool and took action in the 12 months before August 30, 2016. The overall action rate of 49% included 16% who chose to save more, 31% who changed their future allocations and 29.5% who rebalanced their portfolios.