The Retirement Bill of Rights

TIAA believes it is time for a Retirement Bill of Rights because every American worker should have the ability to retire with dignity. The way forward demands bold and urgent change – and TIAA is prepared to lead the fight.




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Retirement insecurity affects our families, our friends, our neighbors. It threatens the sustainability and vitality of the economy we all share. When millions of Americans are financially vulnerable, none of us are truly secure.

Access to guaranteed lifetime income

Policymakers and plan sponsors should make it easy for workers to access simple, in-plan solutions that allow them to convert their savings into guaranteed lifetime income.


Learn more about the benefits of lifetime income

Expand Retirement Plan Access

More states should follow the lead of those that have created options for workers who aren’t covered by an employer plan. Congress should join them and adopt a federal plan that could potentially fill a much-needed gap in providing retirement plan coverage to millions of Americans.

Almost half of private-sector workers lack access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan, including1:

64% of Hispanic workers

53% of Black workers

78% of workers at firms with fewer than 10 employees

Auto enrollment and contribution increase

Employers should voluntarily adopt Secure 2.0’s requirement that new plans automatically enroll workers and increase their annual contributions.

Find out how the new laws are intended to improve retirement outcomes. 

Longevity literacy
When millions of Americans are financially vulnerable, none of us are truly secure.

Do U.S. adults understand how long people tend to live in retirement?

The state of longevity literacy among U.S. adults

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1 Wharton Pension Research Council. March 2022