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The purpose of retirement plans is shifting: Plan sponsors are 3x more likely to think of them as providing secure income in retirement and no longer just as a vehicle for accumulation. Employees agree with this mindset.
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Key Insights

Guaranteed lifetime income is enticing

We polled 500 plan sponsors in the 403(b) and 401(k) space, and 1,000 participants between the ages of 25 and 70. Here’s what we found:


of plan sponsors consider their guaranteed lifetime income offering to be highly valuable.

7 in 10

participants consider programs with guaranteed lifetime income offerings to be highly valuable.


of employees with guaranteed lifetime income in retirement feel confident about their progress toward long-term goals.
Pandemic Engagement

Driven by volatility, employees and sponsors stayed committed to making progress toward retirement goals

3 in 4 sponsors actively worked to help employees improve their retirement savings, and 3 in 10 employees increased their plan contribution in 2020.
Participant actions taken in 2020 77% checked account balance, 61% visited plan provider site, 31% increased contribution amount, while 14% decreased. Top motivators for increasing contribution: retirement income calculator, plan statement info & advice.
* Among those who increased their contribution and who said something motivated them to do it
What you can do

Education is key, and your participants are looking for it

Participants see the greatest value in resources that offer ways to obtain guaranteed income in retirement. 75% of participants are very interested in education about their plan or retirement savings in general. Over 50% want more personalization.
Chart shows resources participants & sponsors believe would be highly valuable to employees. 77% of sponsors said guidance on how to save each year for retirement & 67% of participants said programs offering ways to obtain guaranteed income in retirement.
** % extremely/very valuable; response text has been abridged
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