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2021 Lifetime Income Survey

Offering Guaranteed Lifetime Income in retirement plans can help employers attract new workers and increase retention rates.


Workers say guaranteed lifetime income is the number one goal for participating in their employer's retirement plan

75% of workers are much/somewhat more likely to stay at current employer if offered GLI option. 74% of workers are much/somewhat more likely to change employer if not offered GLI option.

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Guaranteed lifetime income is enticing

Almost 6 in 10 of all workers surveyed agree that employers have a responsibility to help employees with financial wellness and providing a way to obtain guaranteed lifetime income for retirement.

73% of employees recognize that owning guaranteed lifetime income offers a sense of financial security. They believe that a guaranteed lifetime income …


Provides spending flexibility


Helps cover essential expenses


Provides security around world volatility

Employee concerns

Healthcare and higher education employees have lower retirement confidence and are worried their retirement savings will not last

Charts showing that healthcare and higher ed employees are less confident they have enough for retirement. Those with a pension or a GLI annuity are more confident.
What you can do

Employers can help improve retirement outcomes by offering guaranteed lifetime income and communicating how it can work in retirement

Take the next step

Help your employees by offering an in-plan guaranteed lifetime income option

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Study Methodology

Greenwald Research conducted the 2021 TIAA Lifetime Income Survey using an online survey of 1,001 Americans age 27 – 75 living in the United States. The study was fielded between May 12 to May 30, 2021. Data was weighted by gender, education, income, working status, race, and generation. 

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