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Help your employees prioritize a financially secure future

TIAA's 2022 Financial Wellness Survey* found that employees (especially younger ones) want help from their employer in improving and maintaining financial wellness.

What does financial wellness mean to your employees?

The answer? Simply feeling comfortable with their financial situation. The majority define financial wellness as having the means to take care of family, not worrying about money or debt, and feeling protected from life's unexpected events.


Rate their financial wellness highly on a scale of 1-10.


of Americans are more aware of their overall financial wellness than they were pre-pandemic.


of Gen Z individuals and 74% of Millennials report feeling financially stressed instead of comfortable.

Understanding the current state of your employees

6 in 10 Americans are stressed about their finances, with many dealing with debt, struggling to pay their monthly bills on time, or trying to help an adult family member.



Percentages may not total 100 due to rounding.

A third provide financial support to their adult children. Another three in 10 provide financial support to other adult family members.

Employer support can make a difference

Workers that have participated in a wellness program are twice as likely to have a high financial wellness rating.

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Over half of respondents and 65% of Gen Z agree employers have a responsibility to help employees improve their financial wellness.

Those with higher financial wellness are more willing to put "found money" into their retirement savings.

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* The TIAA Financial Wellness Survey was conducted online from October 22 to November 3, 2021, and surveyed 3,008 Americans aged 18 and over regarding a broad range of financial management issues and topics.

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