Employee engagement and segmentation

Understanding who your employees are and what matters to them is essential to helping them reach financial well-being.
End-to-end Engagement

Segmentation allows for targeted, relevant employee messaging

We can help you:
  • Deliver relevant content to address their needs
  • Set realistic and achievable goals
  • Drive communication and education for improved financial well-being
  • Identify opportunities to improve your plan design and communications plan
Need-based segmentation

A person is more than the sum of their years or their career stage

In fact, three employees who are the same age can have vastly different needs. Our approach to segmentation is multi-dimensional and takes a wide range of our research data into account. Let us help you reach your employees where they are.

Amy, age 46

Lives paycheck to paycheck and still mastering the basics of budgeting

Frank, age 46

Financially sound but needs to prioritize goals

Dana, age 46

Lives comfortably but wonders if she’s making the right financial choices
Resources and Support

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