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Administration Services

TIAA provides support to your clients for daily administration activities.

  • Secure plan administrator website
    • Convenient online access to data and plan administration services
    • Publications, forms, employee resources and help
    • Plan, regulatory and participant-level reports
  • Dedicated liaison
    • Lead point of contact for administration and recordkeeping support
    • Assists with new plan, product and service implementations
    • Backed by dedicated pay-in and pay-out processing teams
  • Administrator telephone center
    • Representatives have real-time access to your clients' data
    • Assistance with execution of day-to-day tasks
    • Support on TIAA administrative policies and procedures

Complete Regulatory Compliance

TIAA's recordkeeping platform, processing standards and trained teams of professionals are ready to meet your client's current and future compliance needs.

Recordkeeping Image - Admin

Compliance Coordinator

Loan and hardship withdrawals are made easy for your clients with TIAA’s Compliance Coordinator. 

  • Partnership with a leading data aggregation company, Advent Software, Inc.
  • Helps prevent noncompliant transactions before they occur
  • Web-based — all transactions are electronic
  • View individual and aggregated loan and hardship withdrawal limits compliance data across all vendors
  • Verify loan and hardship withdrawal limits compliance through enhanced reporting
  • Open to all vendors
  • Assures data integrity — vendors have access only to information they need and data is used only for compliance-monitoring purposes

View an overview of TIAA's administrative services

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