Engaging Gen Y

You probably have employees like Carlos, a Gen Y employee just starting out in his career. He is more focused on juggling daily expenses than saving for retirement. Carlos is open to financial guidance but wary of judgment because he hasn’t taken action.
Important facts

Gen Y finances

Looking for advice

Gen Y is the least likely of all the generations to have received advice (42%), but they are also the most interested in receiving advice (83%). 1

Long-term debt

Saddled by debt and the soft job market, 31% of Gen Y aren’t currently saving any money for retirement. 2

Retirement savings

Gen Y is concerned about protecting retirement plan savings.  34% said they want to make sure their savings are safe, no matter what happens in the market.2
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1 TIAA-CREF 2015 Advice Matters Survey
2 TIAA-CREF 2015 Lifetime Income Survey