Nonprofit employees and managers define success as making a difference

Nonprofit employees and managers define success as making a difference

Our survey finds nonprofits' mission and employees' job satisfaction give them an edge over for-profit companies.
Choosing a career at a nonprofit

Success = helping people, not compensation

Defining Career Success





Employees and managers define career success by helping improve the lives of others, their community or society.
Findings from our survey show nonprofit organizations attract and retain employees because of their mission to serve others and desire to make a difference in people’s lives.
Nonprofit employees and managers are nearly twice as likely to define success not by compensation, but by helping people.
Healthy Heart Pyramid


More than 90% of employees and managers feel they personally make a positive difference in their community or society.

Job Satisfaction

Nonprofit employees believe they are more satisfied than their for-profit counterparts

Nonprofits are better at creating interesting jobs and job satisfaction than for-profits, according to 73% of millennial managers.
6+ Years
Nonprofit employees have long tenures — 74% of managers and 65% of employees spend 6+ years in the nonprofit sector.
Security in Retirement

Nonprofit employees are satisfied; are they secure?

Are nonprofit workers setting themselves up for a successful retirement?
Even though nonprofit workers define success as helping others, they still need to build a nest egg for their future. And younger nonprofit employees don’t feel prepared for retirement.
Most baby boomers plan to fund their retirement through Social Security and their workplace retirement plan. Only 39 percent of millennials think they will be able to fund their retirement through Social Security and 55 percent through their workplace retirement plan.

Most are confident with how much they’re saving

50% Piggy Bank


64% Piggy Bank


Yet 80% of millennial employees have never calculated how much they will need to retire comfortably.

Do you know how much income you’ll need each month in retirement?

Recognizing Difference Makers

TIAA celebrates those who give back

To help mark our centennial, we are celebrating people who work for nonprofit organizations who, like TIAA, are inspired to have a positive impact on the world – the Difference Makers.
In early October, we will celebrate 100 people – the Difference Maker 100 – who have devoted their lives to improving the world for us all.
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