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Market-moving headlines make for a volatile week

Fed Update


Fed taper begins, but rate hike timing remains uncertain

The Fed is winding down its quantitative easing program, as emergency monetary policy is no longer warranted. Now policymakers will have to consider whether and when to raise interest rates. We believe the Fed will remain more patient than the market expects. 



4Q 2021 outlook: Past peak growth, but a long way to go

At the end of 2020, while we saw strong potential for economic and market upside, we also anticipated a difficult path ahead. As the reopening boom fades and the global stimulus winds down, both investment opportunities and investment risks are shifting rapidly. Amid this changing environment, Nuveen’s Global Investment Committee still sees strategic opportunities across asset classes.

Investors have no appetite for much market movement

Brian Nick, Chief Investment Strategist, Nuveen

S&P 500 surges to another all-time high despite Friday fade

Brian Nick, Chief Investment Strategist, Nuveen

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