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Bond yields rise, stock prices fall in a volatile week



2021 Outlook: Dark tunnel. Bright light.

Macro risks associated with the devastating coronavirus have loomed over global markets and economies for nearly a year, and will continue for at least several months. But beyond this dark tunnel, we see a more normalized environment driven by fundamentals. Nuveen’s Global Investment Committee offers ways to navigate through the near-term challenges and position for the bright opportunities on the other side.
2021 Global Investment Committee Outlook

View From the Top

Brian Nick:
2020 led us through and especially dark tunnel, but we finally see a bright light at the end of it. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the past year in a way that none of us were ready for, but investors can look back at their experience and feel that outside of a few nervous weeks early in the year, virtually every asset class in their portfolios has performed well. That's because markets have been supported by generous policy stimulus, a stronger than expected economic rebound and growing hopes for one or more vaccines to end the crisis.

Despite much of the good news about next year getting pulled forward into today's market prices, our investment outlook for 2021 is constructive. The news about several successful vaccine trials, along with the results of the US election, should further reduce market volatility and support equity and credit markets. We're also still very much focused on helping investors generate income from their portfolios.

This task has become more challenging, thanks to the sharp drop in global interest rates over the past year, but a combination of higher income strategies in both stock and bond markets along with a greater focus on real assets can supplement cash flows provided by traditional bond strategies. Our full outlook has much more on our highest conviction investment ideas for the year ahead. Some tips for building portfolios and thoughts on preparing for the possibility of higher inflation. Check it out on

A chilly week for stocks amid severe winter weather

Brian Nick, Chief Investment Strategist, Nuveen

Stock prices and bond yields continue on the path of least resistance: up

Brian Nick, Chief Investment Strategist, Nuveen

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