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Seeking competitive returns while making a positive impact

With a dual objective of providing competitive returns and making a positive impact, these funds seek to promote broader economic development, positive social outcomes and a healthier environment.

We evaluate investments based on the following factors:



May include climate impact, energy consumption, waste management and natural resources.


May include employee engagement, labor relations, human rights practices, product safety and community impact.


May include management structure, board accountability and independence, executive compensation, audits and internal controls, and shareholder rights.

Seeking better outcomes for our communities, the planet and you, as investors.

ESG integration
Enhances long-term performance and manages risk.
Using our influence with companies and issuers to help them innovate and operate more effectively.
Invest in opportunities with direct, measurable outcomes in public and private markets, such as affordable housing and low carbon.

We are a leader in this space

TIAA is a mong the top 10 largest U.S. fund managers of responsible investments.1
We manage over $21 billion in responsible investment products.2
Investors rely on our over 5 decades spent championing responsible investing and helping build a better world.
Our fund expenses are less than half of our competitors’ on average.3
TIAA was one of the 1st to launch a dedicated ESG product, the CREF Social Choice Account.
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1 Nuveen, the investment manager of TIAA, is a top-10 manager among ESG mutual fund, ETFs and variable insurance managers as of December 31, 2017 according to analysis of Morningstar Direct data from FUSE Research Network. Fuse Research Network is a source for industry guidance to firms in the asset management industry and for obtaining ongoing research and market intelligence.
2 Based on assets under management as of September 30, 2018.
3 Based on Morningstar data, the expense ratios on all TIAA-CREF Funds and Variable Annuity Accounts managed by TIAA-CREF are generally less than half the U.S. fund industry average . Source: Morningstar, September 30, 2018.