Mutual funds

A mutual fund is a collection of professionally selected and managed stocks, bonds, cash or alternative investments grouped together in one fund.

Nuveen, the investment manager of TIAA, offers a wide range of mutual funds.

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A convenient, simple approach to investing

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Mutual funds are comprised of multiple investments in one fund. This can provide lower risk through diversification and lower costs for you.

Professional money management

We handle all the day-to-day decisions, such as buying, selling and researching investment opportunities for our actively managed funds.

Easy access to your money

Mutual funds allow you to buy and sell shares as well as convert your assets to cash with ease.

Investment options

We offer an extensive selection of mutual funds to help you achieve your financial goals.

Mutual funds

Target date

Select a lifecycle fund1 that's closest to your retirement date and benefit from the fund automatically adjusting over time.

Mutual funds

Risk level

Lifestyle funds let you choose and maintain the risk level that's right for you.

Mutual funds

Featured funds

These funds cover a spectrum of asset classes and investment styles, including equity, fixed income, and asset allocation.

Responsible investing

Interested in responsible investing?

Responsible investing (RI) is an expanding investment discipline that recognizes the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors across asset classes.

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1 The target date for lifecycle funds is the approximate date when investors plan to start withdrawing their money. The principal value of the fund(s) is not guaranteed at any time, including at the target date.

Diversification is a technique to help reduce risk. There is no guarantee that diversification will protect against a loss of income.

This material is for informational or educational purposes only and does not constitute fiduciary investment advice under ERISA, a securities recommendation under all securities laws, or an insurance product recommendation under state insurance laws or regulations. This material does not take into account any specific objectives or circumstances of any particular investor, or suggest any specific course of action. Investment decisions should be made based on the investor's own objectives and circumstances.