Nuveen TIAA

The Emerging Markets Equity investment strategy seeks to generate long-term returns that significantly outperform the MSCI® Emerging Markets Index.

The portfolio manager seeks to invest exclusively in the stock of companies based in emerging market countries. These companies can be of any size with sustainable earnings growth, focused management with successful track records, and consistent generation of free cash flow. Other considerations include unique and easy-to-understand franchises (brands); stock prices that do not fully reflect the stock’s potential value, based on current earnings; assets; and long-term growth prospects, and consistent generation of free cash flow.

The portfolio management team relies on resources and expertise of the TIAA global equity research team to benchmark prospective investments and understand their prospects and competitive position within an industry. This research platform, including analysts with developed markets and regional/emerging markets focuses, provides in-depth analysis of any given industry upstream and downstream to fully understand the drivers and participants.