Advisors Working with Individuals

Make a Post-Retirement Transfer

If your client is receiving income from TIAA under a lifetime annuity option, he/she can still make changes, including:

  • Transferring among variable CREF and variable TIAA Accounts
  • Transferring from a CREF or TIAA variable account to TIAA Traditional
  • Transferring from TIAA Traditional (standard or graded method) to the CREF equity accounts. Money transferred from TIAA Traditional to CREF cannot be transferred back.
  • Changing TIAA Traditional Annuity payment methods from graded to standard
  • Switching between annual and monthly valuation periods for variable annuity income.

Transfers are effective as of the close of business on the day the request is received, unless a future effective date is requested. Requests received on a nonbusiness day are effective as of the close of business on the next business day. Once the requested transfer has been completed, we’ll send a statement confirming the transaction.

You or your client can make transfers:

  • Once per calendar quarter for transfers from a variable account to another variable account or to TIAA Traditional, as well as changes from TIAA’s graded method to the standard method.
  • Once per calendar year for transfers from TIAA Traditional (graded or standard) to the CREF equity accounts.
  • Once a year on March 31 for switches between annual and monthly income changes for variable payments.

If your client is interested in transferring from TIAA Traditional (standard or graded income), we’ll send an illustration showing the possible impact such a transfer could have on his/her income. For this type of transfer, your client will also have to complete and return a transfer request form to TIAA.


There are no minimum transfer amounts. Transfers from a variable account can be expressed as a percentage of income (up to 100 percent), as any whole dollar amount, or as a number of annuity units.

Transfers from TIAA’s Graded to Standard Method can be stated in a percentage (up to 100 percent) or as any whole dollar amount.

Transfers from TIAA Traditional to CREF equity accounts can be up to 20 percent a year or 100 percent in equal installments over five years.

TIAA does not charge fees for transfers.