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“Financial planning means freedom and safety.”

Joennis Almeida | Social worker | 29 years old
Participant since 2013

Get to know Joennis Almeida

“Personal and professional information about Joennis Almeida

Joennis wants to live her best life while helping other people live theirs.

What would you say your passion is?

“My passion is living the best possible life while helping others. As a social worker, I help and empower people for a living. It's a rewarding job, especially when someone makes a positive change and you know you were part of helping that person get there.”

What has it been like to be a newlywed?

“Once we [were] married, we were trying to figure out where we stood financially—debt, student loans, [managing] our joint income. We made some goals and asked ourselves what we needed, like saving for furniture; we had just moved in together and had no money. [We] were paying off our wedding for a year after and now we’re saving towards buying an apartment and moving.”

How are you preparing for retirement?

“The thing I’ve learned is that the money you put in when you’re the youngest is the money that gains the most value, so if you start putting [money] in early, that’s what’s going to pay off later when you’re 65.
“About two years ago, I increased what I was putting towards my retirement account with TIAA. I had maybe 2% going in there, and I increased it to 6%, and I plan to increase it more this coming year.”

What does retirement look like to you?

“I imagine retirement to be freedom, like when you're on vacation. Except, I know the truth is that I will need a routine because I get bored if I don't have a goal to achieve each day.”

What does successful financial planning mean to you?

“It means financial freedom and safety. Financial planning allows for options and opportunities that you don't have if you don't plan.”

How has TIAA helped you?


Managing her money

Joennis is happy with how easy is it to use the tools available on the website to manage her money. “I've been really pleased...and even helped my coworker access the website while raving about it to her.”

Retirement planning

Joennis is contributing more than before and paying attention to how it’s affecting her retirement savings. She watches her retirement plan balance. She says, “I love the [retirement balance] chart and seeing my money grow.”

Get your bearings when it comes to financial planning

Joennis and her husband are using TIAA’s online resources to figure out how to save for the long term while they enjoy life in the present.

Starting out financially

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Managing your money

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Investing basics

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Tools & calculators

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“As a social worker, I help and empower people for a living.”

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