Our approach to retirement

We offer lifetime income options and personalized advice with our retirement plans as part of our commitment to help make sure you won’t outlive your retirement savings.
Retirement planning

Advice only TIAA can give you

Making decisions about your money and your future isn’t easy. That’s why we offer personalized advice at no added charge.
advice only TIAA can give you: personal, objective, specific, dependable
Retirement planning

Three key questions

“By the end of a meeting, we hope to have answered three key questions for a client:
How much do I need to be saving for retirement?
Which investments should I choose?
When can I retire?”
Alden Wonell | Financial Consultant
TIAA employee since 2013
Lifetime income

We’re here to help you achieve a lifetime of financial well-being

Everyone’s vision of retirement is different, including ours. We provide lifetime income through low-cost annuities, which let you turn your savings into monthly payments you can’t outlive.
Our fixed and variable annuities give you the choice between guaranteed lifetime income and other flexible income options.
TIAA annuities are managed at cost – we don’t make a profit – so it’s no surprise our expense ratios are 75% lower than the industry average. 1
We invented the variable annuity and offer 8 types - with options to invest in real estate and socially responsible companies.
Lifetime income

We believe that retirement income shouldn’t come with an expiration date

In July 1959, Dr. Henry H. Hosford, a retired Case Western University professor, became our first participant to turn 100. Since then, we’ve celebrated 100th birthdays with thousands of participants, who can rely on us for support for the rest of their lives.

Every day one of our annuity recipients turns 100 and we've been with them the whole way.

Proven track record

We don’t consider ourselves successful unless you’re successful

We’re proud to have helped millions of people like you not only retire, but live a great life in retirement. You’re working hard and making sacrifices for your future and we’re here to help make sure you can enjoy it.
TIAA has almost
100 years
of experience helping people retire.
TIAA has paid out over
$370  billion
in benefits since 1918.
A perfect record
missed payments to our retirement plan participants. Ever.
TIAA customers are
with the highest retirement account balances in the industry.3
Certain products and services are only available to eligible individuals.
The expense ratio on all mutual fund products and variable annuity accounts managed by TIAA-CREF is generally less than half the mutual fund industry average. Applies to mutual fund and variable annuity expense ratios. Source: Morningstar Direct, September 30, 2016. 67% are less than half their respective Morningstar Universe average and 60% are less than half their respective Morningstar Universe median. Our mutual fund and variable annuity products are subject to various fees and expenses, including but not limited to management, administrative, and distribution fees; our variable annuity products have an additional mortality and expense risk charge.
Lipper awarded TIAA the Best Overall Large Fund Company four years running. TIAA was also recognized by Lipper as Best Mixed Assets Large Fund Company including the TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Series, Lifecycle Index Series, Lifestyle Series and the Managed Allocation Fund.
The Thomson Reuters Lipper Best Overall Fund Award is based on a review of 36 companies 2012 and 48 companies 2013, 2014 and 37 companies 2015 risk-adjusted performance. The Thomson Reuters Lipper Best Mixed Asset Large Fund Award is based on a review of  39 fund companies in 2015 with at least five equity, five bond, or three mixed-asset portfolios.
These awards are given to the group with the lowest average decile ranking of three years' Consistent Return for eligible funds over the three-year period ended 11/30/15.
Classification averages are calculated with all eligible share classes for each eligible classification. The calculation periods extend over 36, 60, and 120 months. The highest Thomson Reuters Lipper Leader for Consistent Return (Effective Return) value within each eligible classification determines the fund classification winner over three, five, or ten years. A detailed awards methodology can be found at http://excellence.thomsonreuters.com/award/lipper .
Past performance does not guarantee future results. Certain funds have fee waivers in effect. Without such waivers ratings could be lower. For current performance and rankings, please visit the Research and Performance section on TIAA.org.
1 As with all mutual funds, the principal value in a Lifecycle Fund is not guaranteed.  Also, please note that the target date of the Lifecycle Fund is an approximate date when investors may plan to begin withdrawing from the fund.
Lifecycle funds share the risks associated with the types of securities held by each of the underlying funds in which they invest. In addition to the fees and expenses associated with these funds, there is exposure to the fees and expenses associated with the underlying mutual funds as well.
2 Guarantees subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing company.
3 Source: LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute, Not-for-Profit Market Survey, third-quarter 2015 results. Average assets per participant based on full-service business. Please note average retirement account balances are not a measure of performance of TIAA-CREF retirement offerings.