UVM Retiree Health Savings Plan

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The University of Vermont offers this plan as part of workplace benefits. Now is a great time to understand what is offered - think about taking advantage of any opportunities to save and invest for the future.

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"Vesting" refers to your right to receive benefits from your retiree health plan after termination employment. 

Your employer’s contributions (and any earnings attributable) may be subject to an age and/or service requirement. Your employer’s plan rules will specify when you are vested in the employer portion of your account. If you terminate employment after satisfying the age and/or service requirement, you will be fully vested in your account. If you terminate employment prior to meeting the age and/or service requirement, the employer portion of your account will be forfeited. If your plan permits employee contributions, these accumulated amounts including any earnings will be fully vested and accessible upon termination of employment.

Upon termination of employment, you may access your vested benefits to pay for out of pocket medical expenses. Your plan may also permit access to benefits for expenses incurred by a spouse or other dependents (if any).

Please note: Retiree health benefits do not pass on to your estate at your death. When you die, any remaining vested account balance will be accessible to a spouse or other dependents (if any). If you do not have a spouse or eligible dependents (or upon their death) any remaining vested account balance will be subject to forfeiture. This includes any employee contributions (and earnings attributable).

After you have satisfied your employer's rules for entitlement to benefits and have retired or terminated employment, you can activate your account and begin receiving benefits from the plan. Access to benefits are subject to the terms of your employer's plan. To activate your account please complete the "Claims Activation Form" which can be found at TIAA.orgOpens in a new window.

It's also important to maintain a balance in the TIAA-CREF Money Market Mutual Fund to cover any claims you may submit. Log-in to your account at TIAA.orgOpens in a new window to view your account balance and make any necessary transfers to the Money Market Mutual Fund. Generally you may use your account to pay for most out of pocket medical expenses however some plans may be limited to reimbursement of health insurance plan premiums only. Most plans include a Visa Healthcare Payment Card which allows you to pay for qualified medical expenses directly at most medical providers such a doctor’s office, hospital or pharmacy. Claims can also be submitted online at TIAA.orgOpens in a new window (click on Visit Claims Center under the Actions drop down box within your retiree health account) or through the mail. Claim reimbursements are processed daily and payment can be sent directly to your checking or savings account or by check through the U.S. Mail.

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