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All FAQs about Your Online Accounts

  1. We now provide a total portfolio view of all of your TIAA accounts and a summary of payments received over the past two (2) years.
  2. Each account type is listed as a unique category, such as Retirement Investments, Brokerage, Directly-held Mutual Funds, Insurance or Other.
  3. You can track the performance of your retirement investments over time, take action easily, and find relevant resources to help with your planning needs.
  4. We have incorporated interactive graphs and a new feature to help you manage all of your financial accounts.

Your contract number is either your TIAA number, your CREF number or your TIAA Mutual Fund Account number. These can be found in two places: your enrollment or mutual fund account confirmation documents or your quarterly statements.

Congratulations on your marriage! To change your name with us, you can either complete the Notice of Change of Name, or by writing a letter to TIAA that includes the following:

  • Previous name (printed or typed) and previous signature
  • New name (printed or typed) and new signature
  • Social Security number or your contract number

Note: Supporting documentation is required to effect a name change. Supporting documentation could be one of the following: marriage license, divorcee decree, adoption, court order. A notarized or certified copy of the court document will be sufficient proof to process a name change.

The letter should be mailed to:

P.O. Box 1259
Charlotte, NC 28201

If you own a retail class mutual fund account, you will need to complete a new application to change the registration on your account. In addition to the revised application, also include a letter of instruction stating the change of name and a signature in both your former and new name with a signature guarantee by an official bank representative who can verify your signature to one that is on file.

We update your balances daily with the market closing prices of each investment. This usually occurs by 9:30 p.m. (ET). Occassionally, balances are not updated until the next business day.

Your balance includes all of your accounts except these:

  • TIAA Direct® bank accounts
  • Trust accounts at TIAA, FSB
  • Trusts you don't own (you might be a co-trustee or executor, for example)
  • Cash value of life insurance policies

Yes, you can track changes in your total balance and in your specific accounts. A page with interactive charts provides eight (8) quarters of history for balances and personal rate of return.

If a vested balance doesn't show, it means an account doesn't subscribe to our service that tracks vested balances. We require that service to ensure the accuracy of the figures.

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