Preparing for retirement

The long-term planners

Al and Sarah

Al and Sarah are a couple with a stable financial situation. They are conservative, long-term planners who are nearing retirement.

age life stage salary total assets occupation
Al is 63 and Sarah is 60 Planning for retirement in the near future $400,000 $3,000,000 Internal Medicine Surgeon


Al has been married to his wife Sarah for 28 years. She stayed home with the children and now volunteers.


Al and Sarah have three children, and four grandchildren. Maintaining close relationships with their grandchildren is extremely important to them.


Al and Sarah are nearing retirement and are looking for guaranteed, stable income.


They are both healthy and longevity runs in their family. In fact, Al and Sarah each have a parent still alive.


Al and Sarah prioritize their retirement objectives as follows:


Live comfortably in retirement and maximize their legacy.


Avoid market fluctuations that will negatively impact their lifestyle.


Ensure Sarah is financially secure if Al passes away first.


Retirement risks that are of greatest concern to Al and Sarah:

Top concern






Al and Sarah's income plan

Al and Sarah have specific financial needs in order to be able to achieve their overall retirement goals. The following is an estimated amount of annual income* Al and Sarah believe they will need to achieve their retirement goals.

Basic needs

Housing, food, healthcare, emergency fund.


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Maintain lifestyle, support for elderly parents, family vacation annually.


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Leaving a large legacy to their children and grandchildren is a High Priority for Al and Sarah. That's why they elected a fixed annuity to receive a guaranteed benefit and have an investment allocation that will help maximize how much they will leave their children.

*Income needs in terms of after-tax income.

Al and Sarah's investment strategy

Fixed annuity

Al contributed to a fixed annuity during his working years. This will allow him to generate guaranteed lifetime income.



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Investment portfolio

Al and Sarah's investment portfolio is composed of their assets from a brokerage account, IRAs and Al's 403(b) plan.



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Resulting income

Hypothetical income approximations to maintain $150,000 of annual income

Displayed in real dollars to show income maintains the customers buying power throughout retirement (30-35 years). The composition of income received in retirement is purely hypothetical, for illustrative purposes only.

Income plan
Next steps

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