I Shall Not Live in Vain

A lifetime of dedication deserves retirement income for life

You deserve monthly income that never runs out

Get your estimate for a "personal pension" with guaranteed monthly income in retirement.1
Guaranteed Income

Be more financially confident today with TIAA Traditional

If you’re in a TIAA employer-sponsored plan, you have access to guaranteed monthly income for life with TIAA Traditional.* You'll also have comfort in knowing that in 100 years, our retired participants have never missed a payout from us. 2

Guaranteed growth while you save

No matter what happens with the markets, your retirement savings are guaranteed to grow every day, year after year.1

Guaranteed income when you retire

You can turn your savings into regular monthly annuity income to help meet your everyday living expenses in retirement.1

More income with profit sharing

Our exclusive "sharing the profits" approach seeks to reward you with additional growth and income.2
*Issued by Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA).
Sharing the profits

When TIAA has done well, our participants have done better

Through our "sharing the profits" approach, over the past 3 years, the TIAA Traditional annuity has shared 3:
$10 BILLION in profits with 2 MILLION participants

The sooner you start, the bigger the income

Here are two hypothetical scenarios that show how saving with TIAA Traditional early can add growth thanks to shared profits:

Meet Troy,
age 35

Initial contribution: $10K
Years invested: 10
Guaranteed future value: $13,439
Actual return**: $14,426
Shared profits: almost $1,000

Meet Andrea,
age 56

Initial contribution: $10K
Years invested: 20
Guaranteed future value: $18,061
Actual return**: $26,722
Shared profits: more than $8,600
**Find out more about how this works
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You can put TIAA Traditional to work for you

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If you have savings outside of your TIAA retirement plan, consider rolling over.4

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“If I can stop one heart from breaking” by Emily Dickinson:

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain
If I can ease one life the aching,or cool one pain
Or help one fainting robin, unto his nest again
I shall not live in vain

Although written in the 19th Century, Emily Dickinson’s words embody the spirit of those who commit their lives to others in the 21st Century. The teachers, healthcare workers, researchers, higher education employees are heroes every day, but especially today and in this past year.  We thank them for their lifetime of dedication.

This material is for informational or educational purposes only and does not constitute fiduciary investment advice under ERISA, a securities recommendation under all securities laws, or an insurance product recommendation under state insurance laws or regulations. This material does not take into account any specific objectives or circumstances of any particular investor, or suggest any specific course of action. Investment decisions should be made based on the investor’s own objectives and circumstances.
1All guarantees are based on TIAA's claims-paying ability. TIAA Traditional is a guaranteed insurance contract and not an investment for federal securities law purposes. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Personal pension refers to the income received from a fixed annuity contract.
TIAA may share profits with TIAA Traditional annuity owners through declared additional amounts of interest and through increases in annuity income throughout retirement.  These additional amounts are not guaranteed for future years.
Amount paid as of 12/31/19.
Prior to rolling over, consider your other options. You may also be able to leave money in your current plan, withdraw cash or roll over the assets to your new employer’s plan if one is available and rollovers are permitted. Compare the differences in investment options, services, fees and expenses, withdrawal options, required minimum distributions, other plan features, and tax treatment. Speak with a TIAA consultant and your tax advisor regarding your situation. Learn more
TIAA may share profits with Traditional Retirement Annuity owners through declared additional amounts of interest and through increases in annuity income throughout retirement. Additional amounts are on TIAA Traditional Annuity contracts available within an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Additional amounts may be increased the longer accumulation occurs before annuitization. These additional amounts are discretionary, and are not guaranteed.
TIAA Actuarial as of 12/31/20 and forecast of approved dividend distribution directed by the TIAA Board of Trustees as of March 2021.
Annuity contracts contain terms for keeping them in force. Exclusions, restrictions, limitations and reductions in benefits will, in certain situations, apply to annuity contracts. Your financial consultant or advisor can provide you with costs and complete details.
TIAA Traditional is a fixed annuity issued through these contracts: Form series 1000.24; G-1000.4 or G-1000.5/G1000.6 or G1000.7; 1200.8; G1250.1; IGRS-01-84-ACC and IGRS-02-ACC; IGRS-CERT2-84-ACC and IGRS-CERT3-ACC; IGRSP-01-84-ACC and IGRSP-02-ACC; IGRSP-CERT2-84-ACC and IGRSP-CERT3-ACC; 6008.8 and 6008.9-ACC; 1000.24-ATRA; 1280.2, 1280.4, or 1280.3 or 1280.5, or G1350. Not all contracts are available in all states or currently issued.