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TIAA Secure Income Account Expenses and Fees

This section provides answers to participant questions about how the TIAA Secure Income Account expense ratio works.

Note: Additional support is always available to you and the participant if you need it. Call 844-7-INCOME (746-2663)  to have a TIAA Lifetime Income Consultant join your conversation.


The TIAA Secure Income Account is not an investment for purposes of federal securities laws. It’s a guaranteed insurance contract backed by the claims-paying ability of TIAA, where TIAA credits guaranteed interest rates.

TIAA aims to invest the contributions it receives in investments that earn more than the guaranteed interest rates. TIAA retains the difference (if any) between investment earnings and the guaranteed crediting rates. This difference is used to help offset TIAA’s expenses and risks, and provide a return on the capital TIAA holds to support the guarantees. The amount of the difference that TIAA may earn is not guaranteed and may change.

The TIAA Secure Income Account does not include an identifiable “expense ratio” or “fee” like you might see published for a mutual fund or a variable annuity.

Under some contracts, TIAA collects a recordkeeping fee. The amount of this recordkeeping fee is subtracted from the gross interest rates that TIAA credits under the contract. The amount of the recordkeeping fee is then paid to us for servicing the plan and participant accounts.

For your plan’s TIAA Secure Income Account, the amount of this recordkeeping fee is_______.

Note for call center representative: Please cross reference the fact sheet or other product literature for the version/ticker of the TIAA Secure Income Account that the plan uses to quote the applicable recordkeeping fee. The third and fourth position of the SIA ticker provide the recordkeeping fee.  For example,  00 is 0.00% recordkeeping fee; 15 = 0.15% recordkeeping fee; and 25 = 0.25% recordkeeping fee".

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact TIAA_DCIO_Support@tiaa.orgOpens Email. TIAA will be happy to help you.