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This section provides answers to participant questions about how contributions are made to the TIAA Secure Income Account.

Note: Additional support is always available to you and the participant if you need it. Call 844-7-INCOME (746-2663)  to have a TIAA Lifetime Income Consultant join your conversation.


The manager of the asset allocation program determines the model that allocates contributions among the underlying investment options, including the TIAA Secure Income Account.

If you are using the asset allocation program, you cannot self-direct your contributions to the underlying investment options.

If you ever unsubscribe from the asset allocation program—or become unsubscribed, for example, by requesting to transfer among plan investments—you can no longer contribute or transfer additional money to the TIAA Secure Income Account. To do so, you must re-subscribe to the asset allocation program.

Typically, you cannot contribute more to the TIAA Secure Income Account than the amount permitted by the asset allocation program.

However, if you’re not contributing the maximum amount allowed under your retirement plan, you could increase your contributions. As a result, you will increase the overall amount of money deposited into each of the plan’s underlying asset allocation investments, including the TIAA Secure Income Account.

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