Preparing for retirement

This interactive experience can help bring your vision into focus, guide you through the big decisions and help you to develop your retirement planning know-how.

It starts with your story

Five years or so from retirement? Let us put you in the picture.

Just tell us your interest, lifestyle and finances—we'll give you a snapshot of your income readiness, provide some information to consider, show you a timeline of key events, and more.

How to Prepare

Take these steps to prepare for a conversation about an income plan

Step One Put yourself in a retirement frame of mind
Step Two Understand the unique challenges you'll face
Step Three Brush up on Social Security and Medicare
Step Four Consider turning a portion of assets into income you can't outlive

Explore financial and lifestyle topics in-depth.

To help you hone your skills, we created these deep-dives on some key retirement topics.

See how customers like you did it.

We created hypothetical composite income profiles based on experiences of real customers to showcase different types of retirement considerations. Which is most like you?

The long-term planners

Al & Sarah
Stable financial situation, conservative, long-term planners who are nearing retirement.

Conservative & semi-retired

Pam & John
Financially stable, conservative, long-term planners who are semi-retired.

Financially limited

Retired, financially limited, and a moderate risk taker.

The moderate risk taker

Retired, financially stable, moderate-aggressive risk taker.

Nervous Nellies

Clara & Eduardo
Nearing retirement, financially stable, nervous about market volatility.

The aggressive risk takers

Frank & Pete
Nearing retirement, financially limited, aggressive risk takers.
Next Steps

How TIAA can help

Lifetime income

Investigate options that can create lifetime income to help you realize your retirement lifestyle.

Investment strategies

We can help you align your asset allocation strategy with your long-term income needs.

Don't go it alone

We can help you create a retirement income strategy that factors in your concerns, as well as your goals.
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The 2016 Voices of Experience survey was conducted by GfK Custom Research North America among a total of 1,583 TIAA retirees between May 28 and August 27, 2015. To qualify, all respondents had to indicate that they are retired. Respondents were mailed the survey questionnaire and had the option to return the survey by mail or to complete the survey online. Respondents completed 104 surveys online and 1,479 by mail. The sample was provided by TIAA, and data were weighted by gender, age, region, engagement, and industry sector.