Personal trust services

A trust can be a strategic part of an overall financial strategy.
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What is TIAA Trust?

TIAA Trust and Individual Advisory Services offer a team of specialists and services to help you meet your goals.
Investment strategy
We partner with you to create a personalized strategy geared toward you and your beneficiaries’ investment goals.1
Administration services
Assist with implementing your estate plan, consolidating assets and administering the trust based on the terms of your trust document.
Trust expertise
We complete your trust tax return and assist with charitable gift calculations.*
Estate planning
Minimize estate taxes and probate costs that are often incurred when transferring assets through a will.
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Is a trust right for you?

Consider setting up a trust if you want to:

  • Protect assets from creditor’s claims.
  • Establish a tax-advantaged charitable gift, structured gifts to charities, or other philanthropic activities.
  • Avoid the potential costs and delays associated with probate and manage your estate tax exposure as well as any potential estate taxes.
  • Provide an orderly means of managing your financial affairs in case you become incapacitated, or upon death.
  • Ensure that your assets are managed for the benefit of your heirs, according to your wishes.
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Your personal trust and Individual Advisory Services team

Your assets are managed by a team of specialists who help with your financial needs.
Why TIAA Trust

TIAA Trust has helped investors plan for their retirement goals since 1998

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Individual Advisory Services

Receive personalized advice and support for every stage of your financial life.

Managed accounts

In a managed account, we manage your investments based on your personal needs and goals.

Retirement planning basics

No matter where you are in life, you can plan and save for ‘the retirement you want’
The Giving Fund

TIAA Charitable Giving Fund

A simple, tax-savvy way to make a bigger impact with your charitable giving.
TIAA Charitable
1 Nothing in this document is intended to, nor should it be construed to, suggest the creation a legal partnership or joint enterprise.
* When TIAA, FSB is acting as Trustee, they will prepare the trust's tax return or oversee the preparation of the return.
TIAA-CREF managed account services provide discretionary investment management services for a fee.
Investing involves risk and the value of your investments may gain or lose value and fluctuate over time.  Investments in managed accounts should be considered in view of a larger, more diversified investment portfolio. Individuals should consult with an independent tax advisor, CPA and/or attorney for specific advice based on the individual’s personal circumstances.
TIAA-CREF managed account services are offered through two separate managed account programs offered by TIAA-CREF affiliates: the TIAA-CREF Advice and Planning Services Portfolio Advisor program offered through TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Services, LLC , a registered investment adviser and broker-dealer, and the Private Asset Management offered by TIAA, FSB, a federal savings bank.
This material is for informational or educational purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation or investment advice in connection with a distribution, transfer or rollover, a purchase or sale of securities or other investment property, or the management of securities or other investments, including the development of an investment strategy or retention of an investment manager or advisor. This material does not take into account any specific objectives or circumstances of any particular investor, or suggest any specific course of action. Investment decisions should be made in consultation with an investor’s personal advisor based on the investor’s own objectives and circumstances.