A retirement planning strategy

You can talk with TIAA to learn about strategies that may help you make more of the money you've saved. Use retirement calculators and financial tools to check your progress and stay on track.

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Get the basics

How TIAA can help you plan for retirement

Smart steps today can help lead you to the financial future you want after you stop working.

Know Where You Stand

Wondering if you’re saving enough?

We can help you determine how much you should save. You can use our Retirement Advisor tool to help you stay on track with your retirement goal.

Create A Personalized Plan

Investing for your retirement

We can help you understand which investments can help you pursue your financial goals.

Consider asking for help

Beyond your plan

Looking for ways to save beyond your workplace retirement plan? We have other products that can help you save more.
Know Where You Stand
Create A Personalized Plan
Consider asking for help

It’s in our DNA

TIAA's spent nearly 100 years helping people at schools, universities, hospitals and non-profits save and plan for retirement.


We focus on long-term outcomes and offer unique investment options, like lifetime income.


You have varied retirement savings options and can choose from over 10,000 funds, including 70 of our own award-winning, low-cost mutual funds and annuities.


Since 1918, we’ve helped millions of people like you build a more secure financial future. We specialize in helping people meet their financial needs in all stages of life.

Helping real people

Learn how TIAA customers are preparing for retirement and pursuing their financial goals.
“I meet with TIAA to verify the choices that I’ve made are best for what I want to accomplish.”
Instructional technologist
Participant since 2007
“Each time I work with an advisor, I get tailored information.”
Chef instructor
Participant since 2003
“I can see how much I’ve saved and changes I need to make to retire on schedule.”
Social worker
Participant since 2013

Online resources

Review your plan
Log in to check balances, change how your money is invested or view your plan contributions.
Retirement Advisor Tool
Read in-depth retirement planning articles to learn more about important topics.
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No-additional-cost retirement advice sessions in 2015.1

We can manage your money for you

Managing an investment portfolio is a full-time job. We can help.


Our flexible IRAs offer tax advantages and help you save for your retirement.

Retirement Advisor tool

You can receive a personalized retirement action plan with savings and investment suggestions.
These quotes describe the circumstances and experiences of specific participants from one or more of the companies in the TIAA organization (“TIAA”).  It may not be representative of the experience of other TIAA customers and is not indicative of future performance or success. Individual results and experiences will vary.
1TC Advice analysis of 277,141 participants who received retirement plan advice or guidance or a TC Financial Planning report in the 12 months ending 12/31/15.
This material is for informational or educational purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation or investment advice in connection with a distribution, transfer or rollover, a purchase or sale of securities or other investment property, or the management of securities or other investments, including the development of an investment strategy or retention of an investment manager or advisor. This material does not take into account any specific objectives or circumstances of any particular investor, or suggest any specific course of action. Investment decisions should be made in consultation with an investor’s personal advisor based on the investor’s own objectives and circumstances.